Peel-and-Stick Clear Labels - BAKING SET

Peel-and-Stick Clear Labels - BAKING SET

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Each label is a clear glossy 4"x2" sticker with black print. 
Words are made with unique freehand calligraphy (no fonts)

Set of 10 labels

powdered sugar
baking powder
baking soda
brown sugar
cocoa powder
chocolate chips 

TIPS for APPLYING: Peel back sticker from sheet and gently place onto container. Using thumbs, press center of sticker and slide thumbs outwards to edges to avoid air bubbles. It is not recommended to remove and realign/reuse these stickers. **If you peel off your sticker to realign, the sticker will likely have lines from being peeled off that will be visible when reapplied**

*These labels are NOT water-resistant

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Return Policy: Labels cannot be returned once peeled. Labels can be returned if unused, and must be in original condition with original packaging. Return shipping is not included.