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After hundreds of messages and questions, I have finally laid out ALL of my information and tips for small handmade businesses! This guide includes EVERYTHING that I could tell you and so much more. I spent hours upon hours creating this and I KNOW it will help you and your business!

This guide is 40 PAGES LONG, and I'm spilling my best-kept secrets in it! And that includes my sources and a comprehensive list of my supplies! Not just typed out for you to see, but with DIRECT LINKS to websites so you can check them out too!!! (Note that, while my supplies are included in this guide, there are NOT instructions on how I use them or how I create my items). **This guide INCLUDES the information from the Instagram, Tax, and Business Card guides.**

This guide is intense and PACKED with info. If you want to take your business seriously and excel this year, then it is perfect for you!

This guide is great for:
- those who want to start a small business
- those who are new to the handmade business world
- those with side hustles that will soon turn into full-time gigs
- those who have hustled for years yet still feel stuck
- those who want to improve their Etsy shop
- those who want to grow their social media
- those who have questions about pricing, wholesale, or licensing
- those who want to take their businesses to the NEXT LEVEL
Whether you are brand new to the field or have been around for awhile, if you want to JUMPSTART your business this year, then this guide is for YOU!

- My Story
- How to Start: Business Type + License, Etsy, Work Schedule, Business Cards, Domain Name
- Sources: Mugs, Pillow Covers, Doormats
- Supplies: Wood, Tools, Paints & Pens, Shipping Supplies, Digital Art
- Instagram: Branding, Posting, Photos, Followers, Features, Instagram VS Facebook
- Pricing
- Taxes
- Wholesale
- Publishing & Licensing
- Final Thoughts
- Link Library
Plus lots of PRO TIPS included throughout the sections of this guide!

If something like this were available when I started, it would have saved me hours of trial & error and prevented me from making so many mistakes. I know the price tag can cause hesitation, but there is 3 full years of experience and knowledge packed into this guide. It WILL help you! If you don't believe me, just check out the reviews!

You are investing in your business, and I think that’s AWESOME. This guide has a lot of information and is full of my shop secrets that I know will help you in multiple ways. You are deciding to invest, and I am deciding to share... so out of respect for you & me, please keep this information to yourself and for your business only. It is illegal to share, resale, or copy this information, and legal action will be taken if necessary.

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