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Here are some tips to get the best bang for your buck at one of the best home decor retailers!

  • Wait for the sale. With the exception of a few items, every section in the store is on a rotating sale schedule. To save the most money, wait for the 50% off sale to come around! It will occur every few weeks.
  • Download the app. If you can’t wait for the sale, the Hobby Lobby app always has a 40% off coupon waiting for you. It can only be used on full priced items.
  • Save more on furniture. Furniture is always 30% off, but employees will allow you to replace this discount with a 40% off coupon instead (at least at my location). This trick saved me $80 instead of $60 on our entryway table!
  • Sign up for emails. They offer free shipping about once a week on orders of $50 or more! This is great if you do not live by a physical location. Just keep your eye on the emails!

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