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One day a year, Bath & Body Works hosts their BEST 3 wick candle sale. It only lasts ONE day and candles are marked down around 60% off! If you love their candles and seasonal scents like I do, then this is a great time to stock up for the entire year. And not to mention, these make great gifts for CHRISTMAS or TEACHER APPRECIATION or SECRET SANTA or GIFT BASKETS or STOCKING STUFFERS! Seriously, you should be running to this sale!

Here is everything you need to know about the sale:

They don’t announce the sale until the day before.

Bath & Body Works does not announce the sale on their social media channels until the day prior, however they may post a few hints the week leading up to the sale. I always ask the sales associates if I find myself in the store around the end of the year, and sometimes they will tell me the date, but sometimes they tell me that it’s a secret.

It’s always on a Saturday near the beginning on December.

ALWAYS! This never changes. Note it may not be the first Saturday of the month, but it’s always one of the first two.

The 3 wick candles are the cheapest they will be all year.

3 wick candles start at $24 and increase depending on scent and style of the container, but on candle sale day they are ~$8-9 each! The price may increase a few scents each year. In 2018, they were $8.95 and increased to $9.50 in 2019.

You can use coupons on top of this sale!

YES, it’s TRUE! If you have valid coupons, you can use them on top of these sale prices to save even more! And since it’s the holiday season, they always have valid coupons. Try to find a $10 off $30 purchase – that will give you the best deal possible. 4 candles x $8.95/candle = $35.80 – $10 coupon = $25.80 (that’s only $6.45 per candle)!!!!

Some locations will open early.

In 2018 my local store opened at 6AM, and there were at least 20 people in line waiting outside. It was crazy! But in 2017 they opened at their regular time. Call your store beforehand and ask what their hours will be. Sometimes Bath and Body Works will publish these special opening times on their website.

The sale is also valid online!

The sale is also online BUT IT BEGINS AT MIDNIGHT EASTERN STANDARD TIME. You MUST be ready to shop as soon as the sale goes live because they will sell out of all scents within an hour. BE READY! If you don’t mind paying shipping and don’t like shopping in stores, this is a good option for you.

Shop early

If you choose to shop in stores, you should still try to shop early. They often sell out of popular scents in the morning (especially if you live in a heavily populated area). I am always there at opening so I am guaranteed the scents I want for the year.

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