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It’s no secret that I am a huge online shopper! I shop online for gifts, clothes, business supplies, groceries, etc. Over the years I have discovered some programs and tips that have helped me save thousands of dollars! And no, I’m not elaborating. I have saved well over $1,000 just from using these tips!

1. Ebates (Now Rakuten - same company, new name)

You have probably seen commercials about this company, and you have probably thought it was a scam. Ebates is a company that gives you cash back from purchases that you make online. Yes, it sounds like a scam. But I promise it’s not! I would not recommend it if I didn’t love it. I have used Ebates for over 2 years. Most major retailers have a partnership with Ebates and allow cash back on purchases made from their websites. Not all online stores are teamed up with Ebates (especially small shops), but it is enough for you to save some serious money! Sign up here for a free $30 bonus (bonus is rewarded after you make your first $30 purchase using Ebates).

You can easily install the Ebates plugin to your computer OR download the app on your phone. Note that you have to turn on Ebates before you make each purchase to earn cash back. The plugin allows a small pop-up to appear when you first enter a retailer’s website. The pop-up reminds you to turn on your cash back. Simply click it, the website will reload, and it is turned on. Then get to shopping! Cash back will be rewarded to your account a few days/weeks after your purchase. Then, Ebates sends you a check in the mail for your balance every few months. It is seriously awesome!

2. Shoptagr

Shoptagr is a website that I love to use for purchases that I do not need in a hurry. You can add an item to your Shoptagr list and it will track the price for you! They will send you an email when that item goes on sale so you do not have to keep track of it yourself. It’s a very useful tool! I love to use it around the holidays once I get everyone’s Christmas lists. Simply add the item to your Shoptagr list and let them do the work!

3. Honey

You may have also seen commercials for Honey. It’s an online tool that searches for coupon codes before you checkout on a website! It comes in handy and can save you some serious money. My favorite feature is that when I’m about to checkout on Amazon, Honey will tell me if the same item is available at a lower price from a different seller or if I got the best deal!

4. BlackFriday.com

This tip is most useful around the holiday season. BlackFriday.com is a website that will email you when the holiday ad of any major retailer is released (typically early November). Of course, it mainly focuses on Black Friday ads and deals, however will switch to Cyber Monday ads once Black Friday passes. And if any other holiday ads are released during December, you can receive emails for those too. This is how I stay on top of all my holiday shopping! Before I hit the mall on Black Friday, I know which retailer has the best sales for the items I am looking for. Even if you prefer to do your shopping online, I’d highly recommend this site!

5. Join email lists

Most retailers will offer a coupon incentive if you sign up for their email list. It may be worth joining to get the discount! You can easily unsubscribe later if they send too many emails. Pay attention to those pop up messages when you first enter a major retailer’s website; they are most often asking you to sign up! If it clearly states you will receive a coupon, then go for it. Every little bit helps!

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