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The holidays are quickly approaching and that means it's time to start shopping for GIFTS! This is my favorite part of the season. I absolutely adore showcasing my love for others by spending time picking out the perfect items for them! To help me with this task, I keep a running list on my phone year-round with gift ideas for each person in my family. As I was glancing at my lists for this year, I thought it would be helpful for many of who you who may not know what to get those special people in your life! I am always FULL of ideas so here is a great starting point to help you get started with your holiday shopping.

QUICK NOTE: Green underlined items are from small American businesses. Let's show up and support small shops this season, so we can help them stick around for next year! 2020 has been tough on everyone - and they are no exception.



Stocking Stuffers

1. Seasonal socks

You can't go wrong with some cozy socks! These are easy to find (hello, Target!), are cheap, and fit perfectly into stockings. You can easily fine sets or a solo pair.

$3 from Target.


2. Rubber wedding rings

Perfect if you partake in sports or outdoor activities, have a job in the healthcare field, workout at the gym, or if her rings are getting repaired. I have a LOT and wear them constantly! There are many styles and colors to choose from too.

$10.99 for set of 4 from Amazon. Can also purchase singles.
$29.95 for my favorite name brand ring from Amazon.


3. Mini Perfume

If you don't know her favorite perfume, then pick one out yourself! Ulta has an entire array of scents available in small travel size sprays and rollerballs. You can get a nice, brand name perfume for a reasonable price. This is how I found out I loved Coach New York - by trying the smaller size that I could afford! No one wants to spend $100 on full-size perfume when you aren't sure if the recipient will like it. These are easy to put into a stocking, and also great for white elephant exchanges!

$10+ from Ulta


Under $50

1. 2021 Planner

You'll be completely organized in 2021 with this planner! It is a monthly AND weekly planner that also includes a habit tracker, meal planner, to do list, birthday tracker, plus more. The perfect gift to end the year and begin a new one! Designed and shipped from Texas.

$20 from Fearfully Made Creations


2. Dutch Oven

You can't go wrong with cookware! This dutch oven is made of cast iron, covered in enamel, and is very reasonably priced. You'll create great cooked-all-day flavor in this beauty. This can easily become a staple piece in your kitchen that will last you forever! It's a great gift if she enjoys cooking.

$49.99 (for 5 QT) from Target


3. Magnetic Sign

If she likes to decorate for fall, Christmas, etc. then consider getting her one of these signs! You can purchase interchangeable designs that can be switched out on this single sign throughout the year. There are inserts available for every holiday and season! You'll save money and storage with this piece. Made and shipped from Texas.

$25 frame + $10 designs from Fearfully Made Creations


4. Macrame Earrings

These macrame earrings are handmade in Illinois, lightweight, and are a combination of wood and hand-tied yarn. The perfect gift for your favorite boho girl or fashionista! You can choose any color you'd like, from blues to deep oranges to neutrals. She'll wear them all year round as they look great with sweaters in the winter or tank tops in the summer.

$30+ from Feathers and Grace


5. Calligraphy Workbook

Calligraphy is a new trend that everyone wants to learn. There's no better way than this handlettering workbook for beginners! It includes a dual tip calligraphy pen, and she'll learn 6 different lettering styles with this book. It's a great skill to use when addressing envelopes, gift tags, or you can make prints for your home, etc. Created and shipped from Texas.

$30 from Fearfully Made Creations


6. Personalized Gold Bar Necklace

Gold bar necklaces have been a HUGE fashion trend in recent years! Make it even more special by having one hand-stamped with a meaningful date. Think.. first date, wedding date, day a baby was born, day a love one passed. There can be a LOT of meaning packed into this beautiful piece! These will not disappoint. Made and shipped from Oklahoma.

$24 from Your Word Cuffs (also available in silver)


7. Blank Cookbook

A blank cookbook is a great way to preserve her favorite family recipes that have been passed down over the years! Or all those screenshots on her phone of recipes she wants to try. This hardcover book has 100 pages inside to fit ALL kinds of recipes!

$17 from Amazon


Over $50

1. MVMT Watch

Get her a beautiful, quality watch that will last many years! This brand has risen over recent years and has a great reputation (you may have seen their commercials on TV). Both my husband and I own several of their pieces, and we don't have any complaints. Their reasonable prices cannot be beat. Check out all the different styles they offer!

$95+ from MVMT


2. Instant Pot

The Instant Pot trend has taken OVER the country this past year!!! Instant Pots are a number one seller during the holiday season (and on Amazon Prime Day). There are many to choose from, and each ranges with its functions. But these babies can do just about anything: saute, pressure cook, air fry, slow cook, steam, roast, bake, etc.! Not to mention, they do it quickly. Anyone would be excited to open one of these on Christmas morning! Keep in mind that there are MANY sales for these during the holidays!

$110 3QT 10-program Instant Pot from Amazon


3. Storage Containers

A huge trend that is making headway this year is organization! All the extra time spent at home in 2020, along with a new popular Netflix series, is inspiring many to organize their pantries and closets. A key to doing this effectively is clear storage containers! Give the gift of organization (and don't forget the labels)! OXO is known to be the best brand, with airtight seals and easy-to-open lids that will keep your food fresh and accessible.

$100 10 piece set from Amazon



Stocking Stuffers

1. Beef Jerky

Most men love beef jerky! And now there are many exotic types of jerky available: buffalo, elk, alligator, etc. A variety of jerky is always a great gift so someone can enjoy trying all the different types. This family-owned small business makes bison jerky on their farm in rural America. check out all the bison products that they offer!

$20+ from Froning Farms


2. Multi-tool

If you have a handy man in your life, then this tool is a must! This stainless steel pocketknife is a combination of 14 tools that can perform 21 different functions. You never know when you'll need any one of them!

$19 from Amazon


3. Rubber wedding band

Perfect if you partake in sports or outdoor activities, have a job that is har on your hands, or workout at the gym. My husband has a LOT and wears them constantly! There are many styles and colors to choose from too.

$12 from Amazon


Under $50

1. Leather Patch Hat

Leather can be made into just about anything! Wallets, bags, hats, belts, shoes, watch bands, keychains, etc! Try one of these leather-patch hats from this small Wyoming business. There are several styles, colors, and designs to choose from!

$25 from Range Leather Co.


2. BBQ Seasonings

If your guy loves to cook or grill, then specialty seasonings would be a great gift! Your local grocery store may carry some, as well as any specialty gas stations (Bucees) or local small shops. Try any of the variety packs from Meat Church, a small business based in Waxahachie, TX. They have seasonings for beef, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and even popcorn!

$9+ from Meat Church


3. Yeti Cup

Need I say more? These are always a good idea, and Yeti comes out with new colors every year! Their website includes exclusive styles not sold at retailers.

$35 Rambler from Yeti


4. Fire Stick 

I ALWAYS recommend these to everyone! The fire stick will turn a regular TV into a smart TV, so that you can watch streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, Amazon Video, etc.). We even take these with us on vacations and use them in hotels (because there is NEVER anything good on their TVs!). We also have one hooked up to every TV in our home. I can't recommend these enough!

$50 from Amazon


Over $50

1. Omaha Steaks

If your man appreciates a good cut of meat, then do not overlook Omaha Steaks!!! These are some great meats (plus other foods) and they ship anywhere in the country. They also constantly hold combo deals, so you can get an entire meal for your family and even more for your freezer. I have purchased from this company several times for ourselves, Father's day, and birthday gifts. We have never been disappointed! Prices range, so check it out and see what looks delicious to you.

$50+ from Omaha Steaks


2. MVMT Watch

Get him a quality watch that will last many years! This brand has risen over recent years and has a great reputation (you may have seen their commercials on TV). Both my husband and I own several of their pieces, and we don't have any complaints. Their reasonable prices cannot be beat. Check out all the different styles they offer!

$95+ from MVMT




1. Nice Car Wash

EVERYONE loves driving a clean fresh car! Support a local car wash and purchase a gift certificate. You can get an exterior wash or a combination of exterior and interior. I don't think anyone would be disappointed to receive this!


2. Coffee Grinder + bag of whole bean coffee

If your recipient loves coffee, then this is a great gift idea! Coffee grinders are inexpensive and are perfect to pair with a nice bag of whole bean coffee. Consider supporting a local coffee shop if they sell their own coffee beans. If that is not available, you can easily find Starbucks coffee beans at all times of year.

$19.99 coffee grinder from Bed Bath and Beyond


3. Pet Portrait

For those pet-loving friends who just can't love their pet more! Turn a fur baby into a forever piece of art for someone's home.

$55+ from West and Willow 


5. Bottle of Alcohol

And of course, you can't go wrong with a nice bottle of alcohol! Find out the recipient's favorite (gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, etc.) and grab them something good. It's sure to be well-received!


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