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Date night is such an important evening for couples! It is an intimate time to step away from the responsibilities of life and reconnect with your significant other. Hopefully you do this weekly, because I strongly believe that you should continue to date your spouse, especially after marriage. It is a vital part of keeping your relationship strong!

While the typical dinner & a movie date is great, it can get old. Am I right?! My husband and I are definitely guilty of getting stuck in the dinner and/or movie routine. And don’t get me wrong – it can be fun! But there is something exciting about changing it up and doing something you haven’t tried before.

Break your routine and change things up with these creative date night ideas:Target run – Time to channel your inner child… this one is so fun and taps into your creativity too! Grab your S/O and head to Target (or Walmart or any fave store). Before walking in, set a budget and a time limit. The budget should be low and the time limit short to make it fun and frantic! You’ll be purchasing something for your significant other within the budget and within the timeframe. Shop separately and meet at the front after checking out. Head back to the car and share what you got! This date can be so funny. With a 30 minute limit and $5 budget, I got my husband a pair of socks on clearance, a candy bar, and pen. My husband got me a bag of googly eyes and Finding Nemo bubbles (lol)! It was such a good time and a date that we still remember years later.Take a cooking class – Go out of your comfort zone and take a cooking class together! Whether you or your S/O typically do the cooking at home, it can be fun to learn to cook together. Choose a class that offers a meal neither of you know how to make! For example: macaroons. This is a great way to team build and work together. Cooking classes are easier to find if you live near a city.

Go antiquing – This may not be for everyone, but it can be fund to attend a flea market or antique shop together and check out some old items. You never know what you may find! Antique shops are full of hidden treasures. Each item tells a story. You may find some vintage clothes, old technology (like an old camera or typewriter), furniture, and more! Make it a goal to come home with one item (small or big) that you both agree on. You’ll always remember that date when you see that piece in your home. And you’ll have a conversation piece!Build a fort and play games – Channel your inner-child and fort-building skills to build an epic fort in your home! Of course, it needs to be large enough to fit 2 adults! If you have children, send them to their grandparents’ for the night or wait until after they go to bed (then they’ll wake up to an awesome fort to play in!). Hang out in the fort with your S/O and play games: cards, board games, twister – you name it! The point is to just have a good time with each other (and save money).Go on a brewery or winery tour – If you and your S/O like alcohol, then designate a day to touring some vineyards, breweries, or dispensaries! Try to visit smaller companies that aren’t widely available across the country. This is a great way to discover new hangouts and your new favorite drinks AND support local business. It’s also awesome to learn about how alcohol is made and the processes that go into it. If there are no breweries near you, you may need to travel to a city.Take a ghost tour – Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this is sure to be a date you will never forget! Ghost tours may not be available everywhere, but you would be surprised. Our small desert town hosts monthly ghost tours in our downtown district! Just do some online searching and you may find one nearby or in your closest city. Hit the tour and snuggle up to your sweetie when you get scared!Find some speakeasies – Again, this is for those who enjoy alcohol! Speakeasies are bars that are modeled after the Prohibition Era, so they are not as obvious to the eye. This is one of our favorite dates to go on! Anywhere we travel, I also research if there are speakeasies to visit. Finding them is part of the fun! Cities have many, so pick and choose a few to visit within one night. These bars include unique entrances, great mixologists and drinks, and a cool ambiance. Be sure to dress the part – most have a dress code. You can find our favorite San Diego speakeasies here.

Stargaze – People don’t do this enough! Get away from the glow of cities & towns and find a secluded spot away from it all. Lay in the bed of a truck, on top of the car, or on a blanket on the ground and gaze up at the sky. God made the night sky so beautiful! And He did it for us to admire! This can be very romantic. Consider picking up dessert on the way: ice cream, cookies, fruit, etc. Talk about your goals for your life together for the next 5 years, or anything else… just giving you a fun topic! Bring blankets if the weather is cool in the evenings.Slip n Slide – In the warmer months, purchase a cheap slip-n-slide from the store or make one of your own with a tarp and water hose. Add some dish soap to make it extra fun! You’ll be surprised at how much you laugh during this. It is good old-fashioned fun and can create great memories with your S/O! Not to mention, it’s a great way to cool down and escape the heat. Don’t be afraid to be silly!

Hopefully these ideas will help you and your significant other step out of your routine and create some lasting memories!

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