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These wall scrolls have become a recent trend in home decor, and it’s easy to see why. Easily keep up with your grocery list, seasonal bucket list, or let the kids have a drawing space!

These can cost a pretty penny, but the good news is they are very simple to make! And cheap too. Mine cost less than $30!

To watch the video tutorial, check out my Instagram profile. It is saved in my story highlights. Look for ‘DIY Wall Scroll.’


  • Paper Roll (kraft paper is most common. I actually used a chalkboard table runner)
  • Wood Dowel
  • 2 Curtain Brackets
  • 2 Metal Clips
  • Skinny Wood Board (I used a 4ft pine board that is 3″ wide)
  • Super Glue (Gorilla is the best brand)

Construction of this piece is actually really simple. Begin with your wood and your dowel. You’ll need to cut your wood board down into 2 pieces. Make sure they are the same length and that they are several inches wider than your paper roll. I cut mine to 2ft long because my paper roll is 18″ wide.

You’ll also need to cut your dowel. You’ll want it to be longer than the paper roll, it can be just as long or a little shorter than your wood boards. For mine, I chose 22″.

Cut, sand, and stain your wood and dowel. Allow the stain to dry for 24 hours.

Next, all you have to do is assemble the pieces! Choose one piece of wood to be the top piece and the other for the bottom. You will attach the curtain brackets to the top piece of wood (they should come with the proper screws). Make sure you place them far enough apart for the dowel and scroll to fit in between.

Then, use super glue to attach the clips to the bottom piece of wood. Make sure they are facing up so they will be able to clip onto the paper roll and hold it in place. You can set these are far or as close apart as you would like. (Note: I used super glue because my clips were actually magnets. If your clips can be screwed in, then go with that)

Once the clips and brackets are attached, you can attach the two wood pieces to the wall. We used 3″ screws to drill into studs in the wall to make sure it was secure. Make sure the pieces are a comfortable distance apart.

Then, place your dowel through the paper scroll and set it into the brackets! Pull the paper down and attach it to the clips on the bottom piece.

Now you’re ready to use your wall scroll!

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