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This is my favorite summer DIY project ever! It’s a no sew project that is perfect to spruce up your porch for July 4th and display your patriotism in a unique way. Some shops sell these flags for $75+, but I made this one for myself for around $20! Such a steal, and super easy!

To watch the video tutorial, check out my Instagram profile. It is saved in my story highlights. Look for ‘DIY Flag.’


  1. Wooden Dowel
  2. Variety of red ribbon
  3. Variety of white ribbon
  4. Blue star fabric
  5. Scissors
  6. Super Glue

When purchasing your ribbon, be sure to grab a variety of sizes, patterns, and texture!

*Before beginning, I cut my dowel down to 20″ wide. You may choose any width of your choice!

To begin, choose your largest ribbon and roll a large portion out. I cut a long piece and bent it in half. This will be the length of your flag. Choose whatever length you want!

Reference the photos below for these next steps. While pinching your folded ribbon, place the halfway point behind your dowel and pull it forward over the front of your dowel. Then, put your thumb and your index finger through the hole that was created with your ribbon and grab the tails while pulling them forward through the hole. This will create a knot around the dowel.

Continue to do this with each of your ribbons. Be sure to space out the colors, patterns, and textures across the dowel, leaves at least 1″ on each side of your dowel empty.

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