DIY Pumpkin Tower

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This pumpkin tower is the perfect fall porch decor, and it can even be transitioned for Halloween! It is very simple to make and doesn't take long. And it only cost me about $10!


  • (3-5) pumpkin buckets (based on your preference), $1 each from Walmart
  • (1) Can Spray paint (optional), $3 from Walmart
  • (2) bags of pebbles, $1 each from Walmart
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Sharpie


1. Begin by using the scissors to cut and remove the handles of the pumpkin buckets.

2. Then, if desired, spray paint the numbers in the color of your choice. You will only need to cover the outside of each pumpkin. Allow some time to dry.

3. Once the pumpkins are dry, use a Sharpie to re-color the eyes, nose, and mouth of each pumpkin.

4. Now you're ready to assemble! Empty your bags of pebbles or stones into one of the pumpkins. This will be the bottom of the tower, and the weight will help stabilize the tower. You do not have to use pebbles - any heavy object will do!

5. Next, use glue to connect the pumpkins. Add a ring of glue around the bottom edging, and stack onto the bottom pumpkin. Continue until the tower is complete. 

6. Finally, add filler to the top! You can add greenery, fall foliage, or Halloween candy!

You can find a video tutorial saved in my story highlights on Instagram! Follow @FearfullyMadeCreations


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