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I saved HUNDREDS of dollars by making my own chunky knit blanket! These are popular in home decor during the winter months, but they can easily cost $250+. But with a few bags of yarn and some arm knitting techniques, you can create one of your own in about an hour!

To watch the video tutorial, check out my Instagram profile. It is saved in my story highlights. Look for ‘DIY ChunkyThrow.’ I recommend watching the videos for a comprehensive understanding of the process.


  1. Chunky yarn
  2. Scissors

That’s it!

I prefer this Loops & Thread Free Spirit yarn from Michael’s. Try to snag it on sale – they’re originally $35 per bag, but I’ve found them on clearance for less than $10 per bag during the summer.

The more bags of yarn you purchase, the larger your blanket can be. I wanted to create a throw-size blanket, and 3 bags of chunky yarn did the trick. It took me 1.5 hours and created a blanket around 6×2 ft.

Before beginning, remove any rings or bracelets from your hands and arms. You won’t want any chance of them snagging into the material. You’ll also want to do this in a clean area. If you’re doing this project on the floor, be sure to vacuum. This material is the type that will pick up everything: dirt, pet hair, crumbs, etc.

Step one: create a loop with the end of one bag of yarn. Cross one end, pull it underneath and thru, then tighten. Slip this loop onto your right arm. (Watch the video tutorial on my Instagram profile for visual instruction)

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