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My niece is due this Christmas, and that means I am busy creating many DIYs for her nursery! This DIY rack is perfect to hold all of her headbands, head wraps, and bows. Cheap, cute, and functional?! You can’t go wrong with this one!

To watch the video tutorial, check out my Instagram profile. It is saved in my story highlights. Look for ‘DIY Bow Rack.’


  • Piece of wood (size is up to you)
  • Stain/paint (your preference)
  • Curtain Rod
  • Curtain Clips
  • Super Glue (Gorilla is the best brand)
  • D ring hanging hardware

The first step is to cut and sand your base piece of wood to the size of your choosing. Mine is 24″ long here. Just make sure to choose a curtain rod that will fit on your base!

Once your base is cut and sanded, either paint or stain it (depending on your preference). I chose to paint mine this soft mint color to match my niece’s nursery.

Next, go ahead and attach the D-ring hanging hardware. It is MUCH easier to add it now rather than once the piece is complete.

Once your base board is fully prepped, it’s time to add the curtain rod. Depending on the type of curtain rod you purchase, you may need to add on your curtain clips prior to attaching the rod to the base. Mine is magnetic and the rod cannot be lifted from the hardware, which means that clips cannot be added once it is attached to the wood. So I strung my clips onto the rod and used super glue to attach it to the wood.

If you got a regular curtain rod, use a drill or screwdriver to attach the hardware to the base and then place the rod.

Once this step is completed, it’s ready to hang! Add your rack to the wall and begin to add bows, ties, belts, hats, etc!

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